1950 Chickens’ Ball – Enquiring Minds Want to Know

The basketball backstops were transformed into flower stalls where lavender and violets were dispensed and streets scenes outlines the auditorium to add a touch of Old San Francisco to the 1950 Chickens’ Ball. Leapy Greenlee served as General Chairman and Norma Orth was Production Manager. Bill Gavin of KNBC was Master of Ceremonies. This was the year when ten “Chickettes” appeared on KPIX-TV’s Del Courtney Show, spreading the fame of the Ball wider than ever.

The San Carlos Enquirer published a special souvenir edition of the paper, which was centered entirely around the Show of Shows. That particular issue is now a collectors’ item which is jealously guarded by those fortunate enough to posses a copy.

The Tenth anniversary Ball was dedicated “To Howard Demeke, who revived the Chickens Ball, and to the people of San Carlos, who have kept is alive and growing.”

Some of the most outrageous skit titles ever invited graced this production. Sample just a few: Coney Island Washboard Roun-de-Lay, A Privy Council’s Problems, which won first prize on the second night, and it is said, contained many items of local interest, Light Gas or B Flat in a Minor Chord, No Place Like Home or Don’t Swat Your Mother – it’s Mean, and many others.

The Masonic Club took first honors on opening night with the Original (?) Floradora Sextet which featured a group of burly ballet dancers in ruffles, ribbons, and white frocks.

The Chickens’ Ball Theme Song – words and music by Norma Orth, was published in the Program for the first time, and the lyrics went something like this –

  • Hello Everybody –
  • We’re glad to see you here.
  • The Chickens’ Ball is here again,
  • With hereoes and villains
  • And delicate maids.
  • They’ll rustle their bustles,
  • And twirl their black mustache.
  • In the Gay ‘90’s style
  • You will live for awhile
  • At the CHICKENS’ BALL!

Some new San Carlos clubs participated in the 1950 Ball for the first time. Happy additions to the clan included the Business and Professional Womens’ Club of San Carlos, the Civic Garden Club and the 75 Club.

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