1956 Chickens’ Ball – Barbary Coast Highlights

Barbary Coast Hi-Lites was presented in 1956 under the fine leadership of Win Gale, Emma Cowgill, Ann Cross and Wiff Cox. The unique Gay ’90’s Curtain made its debut this year and was designed and painted by the American Association of University Women, under the direction of Mrs. E.W. Greiner.

Also smashing into the Big Time with their first appearance were the ladies of the Women’s Club of San Carlos. Their skit – the Mansion of Aching Hearts or She Played with Fire featured Ruth Conley as the Ghost of Mother.

The T.O.P.S. again stole the show with the Sultan’s Delight or One Wiggle is Worth a Thousand Words. THe sexy and ample slave girls were lifted about the state by Kay Bell who needed all his strength and skill as a professional wrestler to handle the hefty harem.

The St. Charles Mens’ Club appeared as exquisitely gowned debutants and their gentlemen friends. Sharing “coming out” honors were Bart Brandenburg, Ray Kash, Eugene Huber, Frank Carillo, Hugh Malley, Don Brandenburg, Al Hons and Jack Schiefer.

The San Carlos Women’ Club featured Nat Warden as a dancing, clowning sailor and the Junior Matrons took advantage fo the talents of members, Audie Justus and Drue Morrison, among many others.

Dr. William Hornyak and Paddy Adams were an original duo who shared skit-announcing duties. The good doctor pursued the lovely lady about the stage in what was described later as a “sheltered disrobing.” Bob Faulkner was a hit as M.C.with a unique twist, as even he played a role – as Limpy the Lamplighter.

Superintendent of Schools, Al Beardsley was welcomed to his first Chickens’ Ball as Jack Traeger carried a most impressive horticultural specimen back and forth across the stage. Name of the plant? Beardsley’s Best Bloomers!

Ginny Grant suffered a traumatic experience at this her first Ball, that less spirited ladies might never recover from. Although she had never before even seen a performance of Chickens’ Ball, she was plucked from the audience at the last minute to pinch hit for one of the stars of the entre’ acts who had become ill with the scourge of all Balls, the flu. Ginny, it is reported, was superb, and as always, the show went on!

Source: 1968 Reflections


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