1968 Chickens’ Ball – Rules for Playing the Fashionable Game of Chickens’ Ball

General Chairman Barbara Polson has been hard at work since last April, along with her talented cohorts, Midge Williams, with Jackie Hynes and Paul Kelly on the Production end. There are already two brand NEW plans in the works which promise to reap even greater rewards for Chickens’ Ball’s main goal – an increase of friendship and cooperation within the community.

The Laurel Street Chickens’ Ball parade will be replaced this year by a street dance. Our Main Drag will be closed to traffic one evening shortly before the Ball begins and merchants, residents and shoppers will be invited to come in Gay ’90’s costume to enjoy a real old-fashioned shindig, complete with music, fun and merriment. The Junior Chamber of Commerce has taken charge of this affair which promises to become still one more unforgettable adventure in community togetherness.

Brittan Acres P.T.A. has invited EVERYONE in, on, at or around Chickens’ Ball to join them in an After-the-Ball supper party to be held at the Gold Platter following each performance. Everyone hates to see the show end, cast and audience alike, so this innovation should be well received as a way to stretch out and evening of fun just a little while longer. Some fo the town’s more popular musicians have volunteered their services so we can all join in some post-performance singing and dancing.

One of our Ball traditions has already taken place for ’68 and if this year continues as it began, this will truly be a record-smashing event. The Steering Committee hosted the biggest Kick-Off Dinner on December 1, that’s ever been known since the Ball began. More than 350 people came, decked out in their favorite 1890 costumes, to enjoy a marvelous buffet dinner at the Redwood City Elks’ Club. Unforgettable entertainment was provided by some old Chickens’ Ball favorites – Tina Ferem, The Diamond Lilies and Pete Phillip. Paul Kelly took over M.C. duties for the evening and everyone agreed that dinner chairman, Jan Warren, Katie Dimick and Ruth Lorvick outdid themselves to provide an exciting evening for all.

Now we can hardly wait for the main event to get underway. With Midge and Barbara handling the details and coordinating activities and Paul and Jackie polishing everyone’s performances, our anticipation is greater than ever before. There’s also a lady working on indoor decorations who is known to create magic at the flick of a paint-brush, and Genny Gorman has never been known to let anyone down. She and her husband Bob are so well organized that their Ball duties have been completed for weeks and we understand that even the room they’ve been using as their studio up at Heather School i a work of art in itself, with clever sayings and decorations pasted all over. Trouble is, they’ve covered the windows so thoroughly and the pass-word is so TOP-secret that nobody but the real insiders can pass through the sacred portals to sneak a look.

When the 1968 Chickens’ Ball becomes a memory, there will probably be many new stars gathering laurels about town and a goodly number of the old names will be bigger and brighter than ever. We only wish we could give them credit here and now, but we can only wait along with everybody else to applaud and beg for encores.

Source: 1968 Reflections

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  1. Mingie Rist (Williams) says:

    My Mom was Midge Williams who was named a lot in your article. What a good feeling to know Chickens Ball is still in the hearts of so many. I was also in a skit with my Mom. It was a fun time!

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