2004 Chickens’ Ball – Plumes & Bloomers Under Glass

The 2004 Chickens’ Ball General Chair Robin Weber and Asst. General Chair Donna Avanzino transformed the Central Multi-Use Room into the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers for the Plumes and Bloomers Under Glass show. Robin felt very lucky to have Diane Cull and Rosie Doane as Production Chairs. The theme of the 2004 Ball was based around the Conservatory of Flowers and Golden Gate Park.  All of the Entre numbers were based around flowers and the park.

The set was one of the most beautiful sets ever built in Central and was a result of the designing work done by Margaret Ana.                 A crackerjack construction crew made it all happen to build an amazing Conservatory of Flowers inside the gym: Ed Cull, Dan Williamson, Frank Graziani, Richard Leighton, Jack Fisher, Steve Beckwith, and Nick Weber.  The indoor art team had their work cut out for them with thousands of flowers to paint: Ricki Smith, Margaret Ana, Vicci Mueller, Donna Avanzino and Robin Weber.

The 2004 Ball had dancing weeds, flowers, butterflies, chickens, ducks, horses ladybugs, squirrels and we cannot forget the spoon playing alligators. The costumes for the Ball  were over the top and almost all designed and cut out by Diane Cull, Ricki Smith, Patti Van der Schoor, Cathy Bensi and the two Mary Lous (Leighton and Graziani).

To sum it up we had a very successful ball both memorable and profitable for the San Carlos School District.  But what really makes all this happen is community spirit, hard work and good friends.

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