April 22nd Chairman’s Message

You’d think by now I would have less information to say, but it seems like there is more and more each week…

FILMING TODAY – John Stevens will be filming today. See the performance note below…

Production issues – if you see a production issue, please come talk to me directly. I may have already addressed the issue or there may be something else going on that you don’t know about causing something to be the way it is. Or we may need to make a change…

Photos – Chet is in the Library on weekends to take candid photos. Come on by to get your picture taken! These are all for sale online in his shutterfly gallery. www.shutterfly.com/pro/Chet/CB2012

Pokes & Awards – Everyone has won an award of some kind so far!

The judges have to reach a consensus for the Golden Egg, it isn’t scored in the same way the pokes are awarded on a 100 point scale.There has been lots of variety for the golden egg award nominees; besides the winner, there were a few other favorites of the judges.  Jimi, the Banjo player, Jean B. Wranglee (the female villain in Rebels), Synchronized swimmers, Can can dancers, sheriff’s deputies, barbershop quartet, male belly dancers, and Lils! 
The applause meter is off the charts for White Oaks and Arundel. All you other skits need to seed the audience with supporters!
At the After the Ball party, we will be handing out more than a few rubber chicken awards…

For those wondering what the gypsy robes are and why we are handing them out… read on…
Last Ball in 2010, Elaine and Beth added a tradition of giving out a Gypsy Robe to one person in each skit group. The Gypsy Robe should be presented to someone in the group who has been the unsung hero of the group.  Someone who has always done their job and probably more, used initiative to step in and see that something that needs to be done is done.  Or someone who has always had good words and been someone the group could rely on.  This should NOT be the “star” in your skit/group and already getting lots of “stage” time. 

More historically… The gypsy robe is a symbol of good luck among Broadway chorus members, who call themselves “gypsies” because of the transient nature of their work.  This distinction goes to a member of the chorus- not a lead actors- who represents the positive spirit of the production and is chosen by the production staff.  The opening night ceremony of awarding a decorated dressing gown to a selected chorus member began in 1950 with a dancer named Bill Bradley.
A gypsy robe typically is made of muslin, and bears designs representing the musical of each chorus member who receives it.  When one robe is covered with decorations, it is retired, and a new one is created.  For our production there are 7 gypsy robes to award.  Each skit and the chairmen group will choose and outstanding contributor and one robe will be awarded each of the night for the skits! The Robe for the Chairmen choice will be awarded at the After the Ball Party.  Tradition holds that before each performance, the current recipient must bless the stage for good luck and that every member of the cast must touch the robe and be kissed by the robe bearer.

Gypsy Robes 
Rebels – Angie Dillon
Lions – Cindy (Cox) Sears

April 20th
1st Place Arundel/TL
2nd Place Rebels

1st Place White Oaks; 
2nd Place Lions Club

Special Effects: Variety Lions & White Oaks (tie); Melodrama Arundel/TL

Golden Egg – Synchronized Swimmers

April 21
1st Place Arundel/TL
2nd Place FNF

1st Place White Oaks; 
2nd Place Charter/Junior Matrons

Special Effects:  White Oaks; Melodrama FNF

Golden Egg – Italian Lessons (Be Italian)

Hospitality – Kudos to Creo La and Edwin Caba. He was a fabulous host for us on Friday night. The appetizers (especially the tuna tacos) were delicious! If you loved them, consider writing a note on their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/CreoLa/152276042527
There is no restaurant scheduled for meeting after the show tonight. Have dinner with your families – they are probably wondering what you look like… or why there is no clean laundry in the house…
Next week the scheduled restaurants are: 
Mythos Thursday, April 26 5:30pm to 7:45pm 10:30pm – closing SCEF Chickens’ Ball Night on the Town
Piacere Thursday, April 26 5:30pm to 7:45pm   SCEF Chickens’ Ball Night on the Town
Flight Lounge Thursday, April 26 10:30pm – closing
Viva la Vita Thursday, April 26 5:30pm to 7:45pm   SCEF Chickens’ Ball Night on the Town
TBD   Friday, April 27   10:30pm 
Piacere Saturday, April 28   10:30pm
Stuff in the rooms for Sunday and Thursday – We can leave our stuff in the rooms for the weekend shows only. For Sunday and Thursday, we need to empty the rooms and leave them as we found them.

Receipts – turn in your receipts immediately. Deadline is May 15th, but don’t be waiting… We won’t be paying on receipts turned in after May 15th,. We are turning our check over to the PTA CC at our June 7th meeting and need to close the books by then. Reimbursement forms are attached.
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