Get involved with the 2018 Show

Anyone can be involved in the 2018 San Carlos Chickens’ Ball:

1. Auditions will be held on November 16, 6:00 p.m., AND
November 18, 10:00 a.m., at Heather School, 2757 Melendy Drive,
San Carlos.  We welcome all who are interested in being in the show.
We need non-speaking extras, actors, dancers, and singers. Looking
for fun people who want to be part of community fellowship and
fundraising for our San Carlos schools.

2. The show needs ushers and usherettes, stage crew, lighting crew,
sound crew, runners, costume designers and sewers, set designers,
set painters, and SPONSORS. To Volunteer email

Here’s how your PTA can be involved in the 2018 Chickens’ Ball:
1. Please appoint two members to represent your PTA on the
Chickens’ Ball Steering Committee.  Steering meets on the first
Monday of every month.  PTA Presidents have a more complete
School Representative job description.

2. Over the next year, your Steering Committee reps will report many
more opportunities for your parents and staff to get involved in the
2018 production.  For example, your PTA can set up a booth at the
entrance to Mustang Hall to sell food or drinks before show time and
at intermission.

3. PTA members who want to publicize their business can sponsor
various aspects of the show, such as publicity signs, the program, or
the Kickoff Dinner.

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