Cast & Crew

Kick off Party will be on March 3, 5-11pm at the San Carlos Adult Community Theatre

Tickets available can be purchased online or at many of the practices (see Sue Court)

Kick off Party Tickets


Finances and Reimbursements

 Reimbursement instructions and forms: 1) Request for Reimbursement 2) Cash Verification Form or 3) Third Party Payment Authorization Form.

Historical Photos and other photos postings – please see our Shutterfly Share site to post your own pictures or share other pictures, dating back to 1940.

Make-up Information – you can see the guidelines for make-up for men, here and for women, here.

What’s It ALL About? – Want to know a little about the Chickens’ Ball traditions like the skits serenading each other or why the skits are SO secret until dress rehearsal – Start here and read this, very helpful document, by Connie Barba. Keep in mind – this document was last updated in 2003 so there are a few date/timeline inconsistencies with what is currently being done.

Important Dates:

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