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Welcome to the 2012 Chickens’ Ball – The Belles of the Barbary Coast

Hi everyone,
Welcome to the official start of the 2012 Chickens’ Ball. The Kick-Off dinner & Dance this weekend was fabulous! I hope you all had as much fun as we did! Thank you to Deanne Reynolds (a second generation Chickens’ Baller) and Danika Stanley for planning such a wonderful event! The red & black theme was a hit and made everyone look good! Check out the pictures posted on our Photo Share SIte –  or for the Kick-Off pictures directly –
We will be sending out a Chairman’s note each Sunday with the relevant Chickens’ Ball information for the week. We’re trying out this consolidated newsletter of information so we don’t inundate you with email!
Rehearsal Exceptions
All rehearsals begin this week (or have already) with two exceptions:
1) Mondays’ rehearsals are in the new gym (which is the big building behind the multi-use room).
2) There is no Lady in Red rehearsal this week. Rehearsals for Lady in Red will resume on February 9th at White Oaks.

Back Stage Help
This is a little note you can send to all of your talented friends who might want to help backstage with the ball:

Do you love being on stage? Want to be in a skit or sing or dance? Or do you have stage fright or don’t want to be on stage, but love to help with theatrical productions? Want to help with painting, set building, or sewing costumes? Or want to help raise or lower the curtain on show nights? Like to be bossy and want to be a hall boy or call boy? There is no job too big or too small behind the scenes. Shows run from April 15-28, 2012. If you want to be involved behind the scenes at the 2012 Chickens’ Ball, contact the following:
– Costumes/Sewing  – Connie Barba at
– Painting – Julie Newdoll at
– Set Construction – Kathy McMillan at

– All other help/talents – Sonya Sigler at

Advertising Opportunities
We have a bang up team heading our Chickens’ Ball Advertising efforts this year. Carol Tognoli has taken a flock under her wings to work their magic on advertising. Joining her are Gaye Donovan, Anne Vidovich, and Elizabeth Rossi. They will be working hard to follow up with businesses in San Carlos (and nearby) to explore all of the Advertising opportunities with Chickens’ Ball this year. If you know of ANY businesses who would like to advertise in the show, please send them to our website where they can find our advertising form. OR

This text can be shared with all of your friends and family who may be interested in advertising with us:
Advertising opportunities in the Chickens’ Ball are now available. Get your message out to over 3,500 people in the San Carlos community. Advertising space is now available: Curtain ads for $250 (24 available); Website for $250, Back of ticket (8 shows available) for $250 per show; Gayway/concessions area varies by ad size $45-$200, and the Chickens’ Ball Program varies by ad size, ranging from $100 for business card size to $1,000 for cover pages. Pricing and ad specifics can be found at Contact for more information.
Website Updates
We are adding content to our website regularly, including up to date info and historical info. Please be sure to check out the cast & crew calendar pages to subscribe to your cast & crew calendar and entre calendars. We are also adding a few blog entries about Chickens’ Ball from the beginning in 1940 – be sure to read about how it all began!
We are posting pictures from each ball on our shutterfly share website – please be sure to check it out. You can upload photos and videos to this site and you can click on photos to identify those in the photos. Currently we have the 1940s and 1950s uploaded.
Social Media Updates
If you like to use social media tools – please LIKE us on facebook and join our group. And if you love to tweet and read our tweets – please join us on twitter.
Call for old programs, videos, pictures
The San Carlos History Museum has almost a complete collection of Chickens’ Ball programs dating back to our first show in 1940. Unfortunately, the Museum is missing Chickens’ Ball Programs from 1956, 1960, and 1962. If you have these particular programs OR other Chickens’ Ball memorabilia and are willing to donate them to the Ball or the SC History Museum, please contact us for more information. If you have photos or videos of prior Chickens’ Balls you are willing to share, we would love to scan them or convert them to video clips and put them online to share.  Our resident Chickens’ Ball Historian is Connie Barba at
That it for this week – be sure to check for next Sunday’s Chairman message for the latest and greatest Chickens’ Ball information!
Skit directors, please share this information with everyone in your skits.
Sonya Sigler & Connie Barba
Your 2012 Chickens’ Ball Chairman and Production Chair
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