Chickens’ Ball Documentary

Check out the documentary filmed during the 2012 Chickens; Ball. Many thanks to Jean Hintermann of Millbrae TV for putting this together – we really appreciate the work he put into it and the lasting tribute to what is a unique tradition in San Carlos!

The intro to the video:

In 1939, San Carlos teacher Howard Demke had the idea to bring members of the community together to raise a little “milk money” for the school children. He rallied the community and started a friendly “skit” competition. 73 years later, the Chickens’ Ball is the oldest PTA fundraiser in the country and one of the longest continuously running shows of all time. This bawdy raucous and sometimes risqué community tradition raises money for the seven public schools in San Carlos. Funds raised this year will go towards supporting the performing arts.

This video was produced by Jean Hintermann and Millbrae Community Television. In 2012 it was selected as a finalist in the ACM West Wave Awards for short documentary.

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