Feb 5th Chairman’s Message

Rehearsals Underway
Hi everyone,
Rehearsals all started in earnest last week. All of the rehearsals are at Central except Shady Dame, Be Italian and Lady in Red, which are at White Oaks. The rehearsals I saw went very well. Connie managed to make it to each rehearsal at Central last week! Benjamin, our custodian at Central, is very helpful; please be kind to him and be sure to say hi to him. He loves the Chickens’ Ball and he helps us out each evening by opening up for us and closing up for us.
Rehearsal Exceptions
All rehearsals are as usual this week with two exceptions:
1) Femininity – No Femininity rehearsal this week.
2) Be Italian – No singers needed for Be Italian this week.
Lady in Red does rehearse this week.
Roster Changes & Email
We are trying to consolidate emails into this one weekly message which will also be posted on our website, chickensball.org so please take the time to read it. If you have any contact or roster changes, please send them to ssigler@mac.com. Cast specific emails are coming to a managed email list and messages will be labeled [cast] on the subject line. There should be a note at the bottom of each email message to change or manage your subscription to that email list. If you are not getting any email with the subject line [cast], then one of two things is happening: 1) You aren’t in the Cast & Crew, or 2) You aren’t subscribed properly. In either event, if you think you should be getting those emails and you aren’t, please send me a note and I will subscribe you to that email list. One last note for Skit directors only – please send updated rosters to me and Connie.
Indoor Art & Set Painting at 887 Industrial

Our indoor art and set construction efforts are  well under way, you won’t recognize the place! If you want to help paint or construct sets please contact Julie or Kathy – they would love to have your help! Our space at 887 Unit I (eye) is a little bit on the chilly side so bring a “work/paint” sweatshirt if you come down there to help. The heaters will be fixed soon and then it shouldn’t be a huge issue! The toilets are being worked on and we need to use the toilets in 871 Industrial – there is a sign in the office directing you to the right spot. There are a few amenities in the office (like heat, and tables to cut costume fabric, a coffee maker and teapot, and snacks); help your self, but please clean up after yourselves. Connie is setting up a sewing area in the office which means you can have company while sewing!

There is costume stuff to swap – fabric and tons of costumes – help yourself to these items. Skits – you are welcome to these items as well.

– Painting – Julie Newdoll at  julie@brushwithscience.com
– Set Construction – Kathy McMillan at zeedash@aol.com
Merchandise Team
We have a well-seasoned Merchandise Team, each of whom has helped the Ball in many respects over the years. Molly Rossi is heading merchandise and has two very capable helpers in Jean Dehner and Carol Porter. We have some fabulous 2012 Chickens’ Ball merchandise available for sale – black short sleeved T-Shirts, Red long-sleeved T-Shirts, Red water bottles, travel shopping bags, and a few shirts from 2010. See the attached flyer for more info and details. They will be coming around to skits and will be at Central towards the end of March. If you would like any merchandise in the meantime – they will have scheduled times at Central, which we will publicize when we have more details. You can always contact them directly.
Molly Rossi <mrossi1207@aol.com>
Jean Dehner <jrdehner@aol.com>
Carol Porter <allanporter217@comcast.net>
Advertising Opportunities
***We are doing a “Walk About” campaign for our advertising. We have sent our ad request to 360 potential advertisers throughout San Carlos, but we have found that the most effective way of getting people to advertise with the Chickens’ Ball is the personal touch. We are calling this the “Walk About” Campaign. Please print 10 copies of our ad request form and when you are out and about in San Carlos shopping or dining, please share a flyer with the stores you visit. While most businesses have received an ad form, proprietors really appreciate knowing that their customers are in the Ball and want to support you and your efforts! The form is attached.***

This text can be shared immediately with all of your friends and family who may be interested in advertising with us:
Advertising opportunities in the Chickens’ Ball are now available. Get your message out to over 3,500 people in the San Carlos community. Advertising space is now available: Curtain ads for $250 (24 available); Website for $250, Back of ticket (8 shows available) for $250 per show; Gayway/concessions area varies by ad size $45-$200, and the Chickens’ Ball Program varies by ad size, ranging from $100 for business card size to $1,000 for cover pages. Pricing and ad specifics can be found at www.chickensball.org/advertising Contact advertising@chickensball.org for more information. Advertising deadline is February 29th!
That it for this week – be sure to check for next Sunday’s Chairman message for the latest and greatest Chickens’ Ball information!
Skit directors, please share this information with everyone in your skits.
Sonya Sigler & Connie Barba
Your 2012 Chickens’ Ball Chairman and Production Chair
Connie & Sonya
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