February 19th (Almost) – Chairman’s Message

Welcome to the Chairman’s Message for the Week of February 19th. Sorry it’s late – Got sidetracked by skiing with very little snow (rocks and bushes were prevalent…).

Rehearsal Exceptions
It’s ski week and the schools in San Carlos are closed this week. All rehearsals are as usual this week with a few exceptions:
1) Thursday  – Be Italian – no rehearsal – practice your chair moves in the privacy of your own home 😉
2) Thursday – Lady in Red – no rehearsal – practice your parts individually, please
3) Thursday – Opening, ONLY the 4 dancers needed for this week’s rehearsal.

Production Notes
  • BELLE’S PLACE OPEN FOR SEWING – On Saturday, Feb. 25, let’s get any one who can make it together for sewing, gluing, cutting and all the rest of the stuff that comes with making costumes.  Belle’s Place is at 887 Industrial Road, Unit I, San Carlos.  We’ll open at 9:30 AM. We have tall tables for cutting, and regular tables for sewing or gluing or whatever.  Bring all your own materials and machines.  However, there is a lot of fabric in big scraps and leftovers for the taking.  Also, costumes from the December Fabric Swap still available for using as is or remaking or tearing up and repurposing.
  • Skits and entre’acte people are all welcome.  It’s always more fun to do it together, help each other and learn tips and tricks from each other.  See you there!!
  • WANTED:  For the sewing room at Belle’s Place – A couple of the long tables and a standing screen for changing when we do fittings.
  • NEWS FROM BELLE’S PLACE – All  the skits who are working there have started their work.  As of today, there are lots of white flats and some color is beginning to show up.  The schedule is getting tight, so there should be lots of activity from now.  Skit flats are to be delivered to Central School MUR on March 17.
  • The Ball flats and sets are really coming together fast.  Thanks to Steve and Carolyn Beckwith for putting in a lot of hours this week.  Real troopers!  But more helpers are needed.  Kathy McMillan is there several hours every day.  Dan Abrahamson and Jack Fisher are there doing their clever building stuff several times a week.  It’s really looking beautiful.  Wow!!
  • Feb 23-25th is the Sewing, Quilting & Fabric Show at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds – see the Bay Area Sewing Card. There are bargains to be had there!
Music & Pictures
Music – Music is finally done being transcribed for the Finale – Policeman’s Ball. When Alan returns from vacation, we’ll work on getting it recorded and burned into CDs.
Pictures – A few pictures are attached for your enjoyment. Lady Gaga in Red looks like she should fit right into this year’s Chickens’ Ball! The Belly Dancing girls all are reacting to whatever Julie just told them they would have to do for their number!

Our Belly Dancers – We’re Going to Do What?


A note on corsets from Ginger Silverman – “I know of a lady in Palo Alto who does great corsets to your specs. Call Pat at 678-1122. I have two of her creations under $100. She is nice to work with.” Sounds like it could be a more economical custom option than Dark Gardens.

Tickets, Tickets, Tickets
OK – down to important things. Introducing the ticket team and ticket dates. Sandi Piepmeier is the ticket Chairman – she has many years experience doing tickets (and was Asst. Chairman in 1998) – so be nice to her! Vicci Meuller is her trusty side-kick and has been doing many things for Chickens’ Ball throughout the years, including Chairman in 1998 (so who is really the side-kick here?). You can see that Sandi and Vicci have been working together for many years! We also have a newcomer to the scene for our online tickets, Jennifer Kula, who managed all of the online tickets for the Week of the Family. She didn’t get enough of Event Brite so she decided to help out Chickens’ Ball and all of their online ticket efforts! EventBrite is even gathering our feedback in a 1:1 focus group session. Thank you to the fabulous ticket team!
  • Ticket details – ticket prices are $35, $25, and $20 for all shows except the opening Preview Matinee, which are $25, $20, and $15.
  • Tickets will be available at Central during rehearsal hours, Monday through Thursday AND online at Chickensball.eventbrite.com We will take cash, check (make payable to the San Carlos PTA CC) or credit card (there is a small convenience fee for credit card transactions).
  • The credit card transactions will be done through Square.
  • No refunds or exchanges.
  • No one under 16 admitted to the performances.
  • Fabulous Chickens’ Ball Merchandise will also be available for purchase at this time.
***Tickets available to Cast & Crew starting February 27th – both in person and online. Ticket form attached.
***Tickets available to PTAs and schools the week of March 5th. Various members of steering will be out at each school drop off handing out ticket flyers and collecting any ticket orders.
***Tickets available to the public Saturday, March 10th at 9 am at Central MUR, San Carlos Little League Opening Day at Highlands Park, and at Tierra Linda/Charter at the Pinewood Derby.
***Tickets available at the San Carlos History Museum from 10 am -2 pm on Saturday, March 17th and at Bianchini’s on a date TBD.
Random Notes
  • Choreographers – Please send two names to Sue Court of those people in your # who are willing to be in Opening for a parade of what is to come during the special show. Each entre MUST provide 2 people to the opening act for this “Preview.”
  • Spring Fling Auction item – please talk up at your schools and groups the special cameo appearance in the Chickens’ Ball Opening – It is a  Spring Fling Auction Item for each school and for SCEF. Spring Fling is March 3rd – see SpringFling.us
  • Reimbursement instructions & Forms – if you want to have an expense reimbursed, you must have PRE-APPROVAL (like a bank 🙂 from Sonya. Just let her know what the planned expense is, before you incur it. Finance Forms can be found here: Expense Reimbursement, Third Party Payee, Advance payment, and the Cash Verification for for deposits, along with instructions. Forms area also printed out and on the tables at Belle’s Place at 887 Industrial, Unit I.
  • Lands’ End – a few people wanted to order sweatshirts order which you can do at Land’s End. We have the logos set up for anyone to be able to order items from Land’s End. We are Customer Number: 4544195 and the 2012 logo is set up as well as the Generic “Home of the Chickens’ Ball” logo.  Use code WEFS25 for 25% off and free shipping through Feb 28th! They don’t usually have that good a deal going on!
  • Email issues – we have been having email issues with our domain not recognizing our new host — so I have had to set up whole new email aliases for Cast, Skits, Steering,etc. So, if you get an email saying you have been added to a mailing list or discussion list (two-way discussion group) or announce list (one-way announcements only group), you’ll know what it is.
  • Donations Gladly Accepted! We received an unexpected donation this week for  $200 – we love those kinds of donations! Our tax ID is 94-2417447 in case you have friends and family or strangers that want to donate to our cause
Enjoy the week!
Sonya & Connie
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