February 26th Chairman’s Message – Tickets Available to Cast & Crew

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to the Chairman’s Message for the Week of February 26th. I hope everyone made it back from skiing in one piece 🙂

Rehearsal Exceptions
All rehearsals are as usual this week with a few exceptions:
1) Thursday – Lady in Red – rehearsal at the Collins’ house.
2) Thursday – Opening at 8:45 pm, ONLY the 4 dancers needed for this week’s rehearsal.
We may have a talk through meeting for the rest of those in opening but we will send a separate email by Wednesday morning if we are going to meet on Thursday.

Production Notes
  • How many yards of ruffles is Connie making and using in the can can dresses?
Important date — February 27th – Tickets go on sale to cast & crew Online and at Central this week. Come on down and get your tickets before they go on sale to the Schools, PTAs the week of March 5th and the public on March 10th. Ticket form available here –  2012 Ticket Order Form.
Meet the Construction Team
Dan Williamson, Dan Abrahamson, Jack Fisher, and many others are hard at work on the indoor construction! They are doing an amazing job with set construction and making a vision come alive! If you make it over to Belle’s Place – please check out their handiwork. Come to Central MUR next week and you can see/help the stage being constructed.

Stage Construction and Indoor Construction Schedule – Please RSVP to Sunny Kottmeier
Saturday, March 3 – 8:00am to 3:00pm Stage Construction

  • Along with our skilled carpenters, we’ll need as many people as possible to lift heavy objects, organize, sweep and clean.
  • Things we’ll need are: work gloves, cordless drills with socket sets, brooms and dust pans, rags and great attitudes!
  • Skits – please send at least 2 people to help.
  • Coffee will be served in the morning and lunch for those who can commit to the whole day.

Sunday, March 4 – 8am to noon – We’ll finish up anything that didn’t get finished on Saturday.

Saturday, March 10 – 8:00am to 3:00pm Indoor Art Construction – Same plan as last weekend, we’ll need at least 10-12 volunteers to move the sets in and get them installed.

Sunday, March 11 8:00am to noon – Finish up.

Again, please reply to Sunny Kottmeier or give her a call at 650-593-0339 and let her know which days and times you will be able to help. Feel free to recruit a friend to join us.


Pictures from rehearsals this week and the costume workshop have been posted on our shutterfly share website. Please check them out. Add pictures if you have taken some…

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