2012 Cast & Crew

Weekly Chairman Messages:

We are sending a weekly Chairman message out with all pertinent information for the week – check them out.

April 14th Chairman’s Message

April 8th Chairman’s Message

April Fool’s Chairman’s Message

March 26th Chairman’s Message

March 18th Chairman’s Message

March 11th Chairman’s Message

March 4th Chairman’s Message

February 26th Chairman’s Message

February 19th (almost) Chairman’s Message

February 12th Chairman’s Message

February 5th Chairman’s Message

January 28th Chairman’s Message

Photos Sales – As part of our fundraising efforts, we sell pictures of the Ball. Please visit this site to order your pictures.

Finances and Reimbursements – See our budget  as well as our 2012 CB Reimbursement instructions and forms: 1) Request for Reimbursement 2) Cash Verification Form or 3) Third Party Payment Authorization Form.

Historical Photos and other photos postings – please see our Shutterfly Share site to post your own pictures or share other pictures, dating back to 1940.

Make-up Information – you can see the guidelines for make-up for men, here and for women, here.

What’s It ALL About? – Want to know a little about the Chickens’ Ball traditions like the skits serenading each other or why the skits are SO secret until dress rehearsal – Start here and read this, very helpful document, by Connie Barba. Keep in mind – this document was last updated in 2003 so there are a few date/timeline inconsistencies with what is currently being done.

Cast & Crew Calendar info can be found here. You can download the master calendar and you can subscribe to your entre calendar and the cast & crew calendar. The rehearsal schedule can be seen below.

Important Dates:

  • Now – Ticket Sales – Ticket sales will be in person at Central and online.
  • April 2nd – construciton, indoor, outdoor art can now take place during the day and evening.
  • April 7, 8, 2012 – Outdoor Construction & Art – Please contact Beth Taylor if you want to help with Outdoor Construction.
  • Saturday, April 7 from 11 am – 3 pm Ticket sales at Bianchini’s in San Carlos. We were rained out on the 24th and 25th – we’ll try this weekend.
  • April 7th – 9 am – Pictures of committees – check your email for a more specific schedule this week.
  • April 9th – 12th – Week of run-throughs & Dress rehearsals with props & make-up
  • Saturday April 14, 2012 – 9 am – 1 pm Dress rehearsal

Entre & Skit Rehearsal Schedule Changes the Week of March 26th to Central MUR

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