Chickens’ Ball Trivia

Chickens’ Ball Trivia Questions – 1940 – 1970…

1. Who was the first prize winner at the first Chickens’ Ball? Bonus points for naming the year of their last performance.

2. Who was the first Ball dedicated to?

3. Who is the longest running participant in the Ball?

4. When were black-out curtains added to the Central School Gym?

5. When were entr’actes (another performance, as of music or dance, provided between two acts of a theatrical performance) first introduced, and who performed the first one?

6. When was the Chickens’ Ball extended to more than one night?

7. How much did the very first Chickens’ Ball earn, and what was the money used for?

8. How much money was raised between 1950 and 1968?

9. In what year were there 13 skits?

10. When were prizes awarded to audience members for best costumes?

11. When was advertising first included in the entertainment on-stage?

12. When did first Chickens’ Ball performers appear on television and on what program?

13. When did TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) Club first appear in the Chickens’ Ball?

14. When was the first and last time that children were allowed to see the Chickens’ Ball?

15. When was the first prize given for scenic effects and who won it?

16. What year did the Ball garner over 500 participants?

17. When were Flips (walking advertisements) first used?

18. When was the first Chickens’ Ball parade?

19. Which Ball featured over 100 pieces of music?

20. When did the Ball increase to more than three performances?

21. When did the Ball increase to seven performances?

Trivia Question Answers:

1. The Masonic Club in 1940. Their last performance was in 1958.

2. To the City of San Carlos—in the hope that “we have, in a small way, contributed towards the unification of a lasting community fellowship.”

3. The Junior Matrons: 1940–today

4. 1942—after Pearl Harbor was bombed.

5. 1942, Howard Demke’s original barber-shop quartet from SF State College sang between acts.

6. 1944—when the fire chief put a limit of 700 persons in the gym at Central)

7. $325, a milk fund for the school children.

8. $62,000

9. 1946

10. 1946—a prize was given to the lady with the smallest waist, and the persons with the best costumes.

11. 1948

12. 1950 (on KPIX TV’s Del Courtney show)

13. 1952—the hefty beauties were billed as the “Mystery Club” and required a reinforced stage (which kept the carpenters busy)!

14. 1952—the special Sunday matinee was referred to thereafter as “The Disaster.”

15. 1954. The Junior Matrons won for their dockside rendezvous set.

16. In 1954 over 50 clubs vied for 10 spots. There were over 500 participants.

17. 1958—and the first ones still had wet paint on them at the opening show.

18. The Laurel Street Chickens’ Ball parade was held in 1958, complete with old-fashioned cars, a band and antics from the Fire Department.

19. 1958 featured a professional-like performance with 150 lighting cues and over 100 pieces of music.

20. In 1960, the Ball expanded to six performances over two weekends. (Rumor has it that there are photographs from this performance in a vault.)

21. 1962

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