How our Schools Benefit from the Chickens’ Ball…

Arundel:  “We bought a beautiful stage curtain and also a black curtain for the back of the stage to create a performance area for Arundel.”
Brittan Acres:  “At BA we will be spending our funds to upgrade our MU room stage for our Glee and classroom theater/musical performances – lighting, sound and curtain improvements.”  
Charter Learning Center:  “CLC is looking forward to replacing and adding equipment for our elective program (Fine Arts Block).  Sewing machines, digital video cameras, movie editing software and more digital cameras.  Thank you Chickens’ Ball.”
Central MIddle School:  “Over the last two years we have used these funds to support both visual and performing arts supporting the theater classes, art classes and music classes.”
Heather:  “The funds have been applied to the Artist in Residency program.”
Tierra Linda:  “At TL we spent $3000 on enhancing the art program, purchasing iPads so students can make animation and other moving art projects.  $2000 is going to each orchestra and band to enhance their programs.”
White Oaks:  “Chickens’ Ball funds have supported unforgettable Artist in Residence programs at White Oaks, giving children the opportunity to engage in visual and performance arts K-4 to build creativity and confidence.  With this year’s proceeds we’re hoping to add lighting to our stage so that white Oaks can shine even brighter during performances.”  
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