The Chickens’ Ball is a biennial variety show presented by the San Carlos PTAs in collaboration with the San Carlos community

Our Mission…

Our goal is to raise local awareness of theater by raising money to support performing arts programs in all San Carlos public schools while building friendship and cooperation within the community.

How it all started…

In 1939, Central School (the only school in San Carlos at the time) was facing the problem of all organizations—“How can we raise funds painlessly and successfully?” Teacher Howard J.
Demeke, a member of the PTA Board, recalled his fascination with the old Gay ‘90s’ tradition of San Francisco and designed the concept of the Chickens’ Ball to meet new needs: money for the school milk fund. In 1940 the turn-of-the-century Barbary Coast Chickens’ Ball was reborn in San Carlos in a one-night, sold out show.

Be Proud of San Carlos…

The Chickens’ Ball is the oldest PTA fundraiser in the United States, celebrating 75 years of community fellowship.


Check out the documentary filmed during the 2012 Chickens; Ball. Many thanks to Jean Hintermann of Millbrae TV for putting this together – we really appreciate the work he put into it and the lasting tribute to what is a unique tradition in San Carlos!

The intro to the video:

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