March 11th Chairman’s Message

Hi Everyone,

We hope you are having fun and enjoying how rehearsals are coming together! This is a long message tonight… get a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or whatever works to get you through all of the info in this message…

Rehearsal Changes for the Week of March 12th:

  • Stage & Horseshoe – You can now use the horseshoe (OK, I typed “show” instead of shoe three times, so I must be saying something here…) for rehearsing. The “Keep Off” signs are for the school kids.
  • Change in Rehearsal locations starts in two weeks – this is an FYI message – Beginning the week of March 26th, we will all be rehearsing in the Central MUR. So, please take a look at the Cast & Crew calendar and note the changes that pertain to you.
  • Thursday – Opening – dancers only – at 8:45 pm at Central MUR
  • Thursday – Lady in Red – rehearsal on your own this week
  • Thursday – Be Italian – rehearsal for everyone, including singers this week

Set & Stage Construction Help:

General Dan Williamson says we need more brawn – send us muscle! We especially need it for next weekend, March 17th for building the balcony on the side of the stage.

  • An enormous thank you to the crew that helped us out this weekend we made a lot of progress with the proscenium. For those who haven’t seen it yet – “Belle” lights up at the center of it!
  • Please thank the awesome construction crew: Dan Williamson, Steve Beckwith, Dennis Reeves, Brian Kottmeier, Tim Smallman, Rich Leighton, Fernando Bravo, David Stevenson, Ed Cull, Jack Fisher, Greg DesBrisay, Takako Nunomura (a newcomer who wants to help despite her foot injury) Amanda Rosko, Kyle Dennebaum, Sunny, Kathy, Connie & Sonya.
  • See our Set and Stage Construction Pictures

Indoor & Outdoor Construction Help Wanted – March 17th & 18th

On March 17th & 18th8 am – 4 pm – there will be construction work a happenin’; wear something GREEN, bring your tool belt and come help put the last bit of the stage and set together.

  • Concessions tent – We will also be putting the tent up for the outdoor area. We will be doing that first thing at 8 am on Saturday the 17th, so please come do that if you do anything for construction.
  • Outdoor Construction  – We will have outdoor construction to do after the tent goes up, so from now until it’s all built inside and out, we will need more help.
  • Skits – please send us 2 people to help do construction.
  • Painting – For those with no tool belt, there is plenty of painting to do now that the side stage sets are up.
  • Just a reminder that construction can only take place on evenings and weekends only until April 7th.

Meet the Outdoor Art/Construction – We have a fabulous crew to do our outside construction and artwork. Beth Taylor, Rick Mergogey, Angie Dillon, and Al McKay. They would love your help on March 17th at 8 am to put tent up. Please contact Beth Taylor if you can join them in this effort:

Production Notes:

  • As Mary Kusber described her role in the Arundel/Sports skit, she blushed shamefully. We wonder what that means.
  • Dennis Reeves had a costume fitting during construction on Saturday and we think we saw him blushing too. He had to leave the room to try on the lime green whatever that Ginger Silverman had brought for him.
  • Several old friends of the Ball came early on Saturday. They were already laughing in anticipation of the “antics” they expect to see. They loved the wonderful sets that were under construction. We do too.
  • Choreographer Judy Rechsteiner found a strange set of keys in her massive handbag on Saturday. Connie B had better be more careful where she tosses her keys during rehearsals. She had everyone searching for them but it was Judy to the rescue.
  • Saturday saw all construction and painting and sewing sites in action. All that creativity going on at once; It can only mean that Chickens’ Ball must be coming soon.
  • And that includes the fabulous Dan Williamson. General Chair Sonya Sigler threw the crew some real challenges this year but Dan will find a way to get it done. Yikes, what would we do without guys like him and Jack Fisher and Dan Abrahamson and Brian Kottmeier and on and on.
  • And then there are the other guys and gals that spend hours and hours of volunteer time seeing that those lofty visions can really be created. Great thanks to you all.

Skit News:

Due to popular demand and a “B Flat” Caper involving missing skit flats ….March 24th will now be the Skit flat move in day. At least two representatives from each skit will be needed on move in day. We will need the Stage Crew that day too.

  • 9:00 Rebels
  • 9:20 Lion’s
  • 9:40 Arundel/TL/Sports
  • 10:00 Charter/JM
  • 10:20 FNF
  • 10:40 WO

Piacere’s Special Notice & Support

A special message from Miriam Russell-Wadleigh, the Executive Chef at Piacere Restaurant:

Please come help us celebrate Piacere’s 20th Anniversary! Bubbly, bites and birthday cake + whatever blackmail photos I can find (Tony with hair maybe?)

Tuesday March 20th, starting at 8pm. Put it on your calendar & spread the word Piacere Restaurant

727 Laurel Street

San Carlos, CA 94070


650-592-2040 fax


A few things are happening in this area… Our first press release goes out tomorrow. It’ll be posted on the website if you want to send the link out to anyone else.

  • We were mentioned this Sunday morning on San Carlos Patch.
  • Real Estate agent Bob Bredel mentioned us in his San Carlos Blog and while you check that out, try your hand at Bob’s San Carlos quiz and see if you get the Chickens’ Ball Question correct…
  • You can see our “Ad” in the San Carlos Parks & Rec catalog for Spring & Summer on page 5, but don’t look too closely… is isn’t what we sent in …squishing our quarter page size into ⅛ of a page cut off our contact info and tag line 🙁 Please let your friends and family really know how to get tickets…


This is your last chance to place a program ad before we start editing our program; send in your program ad and payment ASAP please. Website, gay way, and curtain ads can be done until April 1, 2012.


Sandi Piepmeier will be at Central to sell tickets on Monday and Wed this week from 8-9 pm. She will be there additional nights the following week.

  • Steering members Amy Kunde, Val Cardozo and a few others were out in front of schools this past week handing out flyers… even in boas thanks to Amy Kunde!
  • Sonya camped out at the Little League Opening Day at Highlands where she met someone who babysat for Sue Court’s child(ren), way back when.
  • Sonya and Amy Kunde camped out at Little league picture day on Sunday at Central which was fun, if not a little chilly. Thanks to Amy Kunde for bringing her boa just in time…

Additional Ticket sales dates & times:

  • March 17th – Museum of San Carlos History – 10 am – 2 pm – 533 Laurel Street, San Carlos
  • March 24th – Bianchini’s Market – 11 am – 3 pm Laurel Street, San Carlos
  • March 25th – Bianchini’s Market – 11 am – 3 pm Laurel Street, San Carlos

****If you want to help the ticket team with tickets at any of these venues, please let Sonya know –

Website & Email Notes

  • Sonya thinks she finally got all of the email aliases working properly – what a trek that has been… you don’t want to know the gory details. The email aliases are skits, choreographers, tickets, advertising, 2012chairman, and steering. If you are in one of these groups and you aren’t getting emails to those groups, please send Sonya a note…
  • Facebook – we made a Chickens’ Ball Facebook page and have turned our group into a cast & crew group. Please go LIKE us on the Chickens Ball page and stay on the Cast & Crew group for, funny enough, cast & crew information (although there may be a few non-cast & crew people who stay on it anyway).
  • Information and pictures from 1940-1968 have been posted on the website. Check them out – they are quite entertaining! Be sure to check out the tattooed lady!
  • Last but not least, Janet Brinkop had the 1990 Chickens’ Ball performance converted to DVD and shared two clips from that show on You Tube: Opening and the song Night Train. Gotta Get the Train, Train… Check out Janet Brinkop’s handiwork, it is fantastic and gave us goosebumps!

Whew! That was a lot! See you all at Central this week!

Sonya & Connie



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