March 26th Chairman’s Message

Rehearsal Dates

  • Changes in the rehearsal schedule – We are in the home stretch now! ONLY three more weeks of rehearsal and then the shows start!
  • ***All rehearsals*** change this week (March 26th) – please see the attached schedule for this week’s schedule (next week of April 2nd is the same). Two important things to keep in mind: 1) Please begin using any props that may need special handling or space on stage. 2) Skits now have rehearsal time on stage. No one other than skits are allowed in the MUR when the skits are rehearsing. Please respect the person manning the MUR door when they enforce this rule!
  • Then we have a week of run-throughs and pictures the week of April 9th. This will be in costumes and make-up with props.

Indoor/Outdoor Construction

We had some Awesome Help this weekend. Our new balcony is installed and we are working on the handrails – so until those are completed, we aren’t allowed on the balcony!

Please thank Dan and the remarkable construction crew: Dan Williamson, Steve Beckwith, Dennis Reeves, Brian & Sunny Kottmeier, Tim Smallman, Rich Leighton, Fernando Bravo, David Stevenson, Ed Cull, Jack Fisher, Amanda Rosko, Beth Taylor, Rick Mergogey, Al McKay, Nick Weber, Chet & Elaine Moore, Mary Reite, Lindsay Smith, Rikki Smith, Linda Townsend, Jan Huss, Doug Bostrom, Mary & Paul Kusber, Bob Bensi, Greg DesBrisay, Kathy, Connie & Sonya.

Stage Crew

We moved in skit flats Saturday, in the rain, all of it… Thank you to all of the skits for bringing in their flats this weekend – they all look fabulous!

Thank you to the fabulous Stage Crew, headed by Jessamy Collier for helping get the skit flats situated and labeled (as fun as that was – everyone has a different idea on how to number the flats…). Thank you to our experienced stage crew for breaking in Jessamy for her maiden voyage! Al McKay, John Westerhouse, Ken Andersen (with a second E), Doug Boostrom, and the skit helpers! Look for newcomers Wes Weaver, Bill Harkola, Jordan Cabezon, and Maurice Urbain to help this time around!


  • Make-up, costumes, etc. are being set-up as we speak. Karen De Lora is heading up our fabulous Make-Up Team this year.
  • If you are looking for dance costume parts or character shoes, try Just for Dance in Belmont (off Harbor) – they are very supportive of the show and usually give a discount. Or Capezio in San Mateo. Or online at Discount Dance Supply. See prior posting’s for advice on bustiers and corsets.
  • Make-up specifics are posted on our cast & crew web page.
  • If you are new to the Chickens’ Ball this year or you are still wondering about some things, you can read What’s It All About which was written by the fabulous Connie Barba and it explains a lot of the history of the Ball and important, but seemingly small traditions of the Ball. See the Cast & Crew web page for more details
  • Do you sense a theme here? All of the prior week’s Chairman’s Messages and any other pertinent info is posted on our Cast & Crew web page. Please check it out!


Tech Meeting on March 31st, 9 am – 12 pm – the stage crew, lights, sound, make-up, and music will be there for skits. Please bring skit scripts marked for light cues, music cues, & any special make-up needs; Sketch & description of each for any specific make up needs. Bring a list of standard men & women, and any character men & women, plus any special needs like beards, mustaches, etc. Skits times:

9:00 Rebels

9:30 Lion’s

10:00 Arundel/TL/Sports

10:30 Charter/JM

11:00 FNF

11:30 WO


  • Tickets are available at Central this week. We have a general target to sell 20 tickets to your friends, family, neighbors and others! We have 451 seats a show to sell. That isn’t to say that you have to sell 20 tickets each but it is a target to get that # of people to enjoy the show! Forward the Facebook invite! Like our Facebook page and share it!
  • Unfortunately, Bianchini’s was rained out so we’ll try again this coming weekend (March 31st and April 1st).
  • March 30th – Friday Night Lights – we’ll have a ticket table up at Highlands for the baseball extravaganza under the lights.


  • Connie Barba finished sewing her 400th yard of ruffles on those damn can can skirts, and then she celebrated with a thimble-full of amaretto to commemorate such momentous occasion!
  • Blast from the past – Claypiper Jamie Snow (now Monozon) says hello to everyone.
  • 35 years in the making – Doug Boostrom & Jan Huss were engaged 35 years ago, and events beyond their control intervened, and now they are engaged again and set for a July wedding – it’s funny how things work out! We finally got the first picture of them together when skits moved in this Saturday. Look for that on the website (after the pictures are downloaded…)
  • Doug Boostrom Sr. redid the stage along with Herman Schulz in the 70’s and changed it from the (unstable) metal pipe framing to the current reinforced wood structure that will never go down! Doug Jr. marveled at how some of the skit flats that he moved in Saturday were made in his garage over 30 years ago and they are sturdy enough to still be used today!
  • Babysitter available  – I know a hot commodity at this time of year is a good baby sitter. Claire Coleman is an alum of the San Carlos Charter Learning Center and is now a junior at Summit Preparatory in Redwood City. She has Red Cross training and loves children, no matter what age! Call her if you need a babysitter  – ( !
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