March 4th Chairman’s Message

Hi Everyone 
We got “lots” done this week…check out the MUR, the flats have been bolted together and to the wall!

Rehearsal Exceptions:
1) Thursday  – Opening – dancers only – at 8:45 pm at Central MUR
2) Thursday – Lady in Red – no rehearsal at the Collins’ house
3) Thursday – Be Italian – rehearsal for everyone, including singers this week
On Stage
The stage is built and the horse shoe is built. Yeah! So, to the extent that you want to rehearse on the stage only (not the horse shoe – it isn’t bolted to the stage yet), please do so. Alan is likely to make it to rehearsals this week so there will be a more lively musical accompaniment as well.
Set Building/Construction
We had awesome helpers come down to Central this weekend to help start stage and set construction. A huge “Thank You” goes out to all of the people who worked this weekend to install the stage and indoor art. A lot of progress was made, but there is still much to be done. Special thanks to Dan Williamson, Steve Beckwith, Dennis Reeves, Brian Kottmeier, Tim Smallman, Rich Leighton, Fernando Bravo, Chet Moore, Herman Schulz, David Stevenson, Ed Cull, Jack Fisher,  Greg DesBrisay, Jasper, Bryce & McKinley DesBrisay, Sunny, Kathy, Connie & Sonya. Check out the pictures at Shutterfly.
***We will be building again next weekend – this time the stage sets (balcony, bar, etc.) We’ll be at it again next weekend and could use a lot more help. Please sign up to help, we need some new recruits!***
  • Saturday, March 10 9am – 4pm
  • Sunday, March 11 9am – 2pm

Let us know if you can be there in the morning, afternoon or all day.

If you’re good with tools and lifting heavy objects, please come in the morning. Afternoons, we’ll need a lot of help with clean-up. Please RSVP to Sunny – or 593-0339
Meet The Indoor Art Team 
Julie Newdoll – Indoor Art Chairman – Julie’s first introduction to the Chickens’ Ball was as the amazing artist behind the San Carlos Charter Learning Center’s Miss California State Flower Skit – “She’s So Poppy-ular.” Her husband exclaimed that Julie hadn’t worked on a canvas that big in awhile. Little did he know what that would lead to… check out the Central MUR now for a peek at Julie’s handwork.

Kathy McMillan – Kathy was introduced to the Chickens’ Ball through the Laureola  PTA  In 1970. She was not in that skit of “chicken pluckers” but instead found her calling in painting sets.  In the ’72 Ball she was a Chinese dancer with Laureola’s “Tale of a Que” and she also worked on “Saints and Sinners”  indoor art.  Over the years she worked Indoor Art and helped paint the Ad Curtain.   She was part of Matronettes & Mates (M & M’S) group and was in several skits until 1996. For “A night At The Gilded Cage” in 1986, she was Connie Barba’s Assistant General Chairman.  She continues to work with Indoor Art and is an amazing artist!

Other helpers included Sophia and Lorenzo Wolzcko, Casey Inman, and Lindsay Smith
Thank you to everyone for a fabulous job! Photos are now posted online!
Tickets On Sale
Look for our banner flying across Laurel Street this week as public ticket sales begin at Central March 10th!
This Week – March 5, 2012 – PTA & School Ticket Sales – Ticket sales will be in person and online.
March 10th – Public TIcket sales will be at Central MUR at 9 am (ticket team will be here with the physical tickets)
March 10th – San Carlos Little League Opening Day – 8 am – 4 pm Highland Park
March 10th – Pinewood Derby – 10 am – 2 pm Saturday – TL/Charter Gym
March 17th – Museum of San Carlos History – 10 am – 2 pm – 533 Laurel Street, San Carlos
March 24th – Bianchini’s Market – 11 am – 3 pm Laurel Street, San Carlos
March 25th – Bianchini’s Market – 11 am – 3 pm Laurel Street, San Carlos
****If you want to help the ticket team with tickets at any of these venues, please let Sonya know –
Misc Info

  • Information and pictures have been posted for Chickens’ Balls from 1950, 1952, 1954, 1956, 1958 – see
  • Connie uses 50 yards (yes, half a football field) of ruffles in ONE can can skirt – that’s over 400 yards of ruffles in our can can # this show! And she is hand making the ruffles plus all of the bias tape!
  • We found Chickens’ Ball documents going back to 1958 – pictures, programs, finances, etc.! Pretty Cool! – In these shelves… ->
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