How our Schools Benefit from the Chickens’ Ball…

Arundel:  “We bought a beautiful stage curtain and also a black curtain for the back of the stage to create a performance area for Arundel.”
Brittan Acres:  “At BA we will be spending our funds to upgrade our MU room stage for our Glee and classroom theater/musical performances – lighting, sound and curtain improvements.”  
Charter Learning Center:  “CLC is looking forward to replacing and adding equipment for our elective program (Fine Arts Block).  Sewing machines, digital video cameras, movie editing software and more digital cameras.  Thank you Chickens’ Ball.”
Central MIddle School:  “Over the last two years we have used these funds to support both visual and performing arts supporting the theater classes, art classes and music classes.”
Heather:  “The funds have been applied to the Artist in Residency program.”
Tierra Linda:  “At TL we spent $3000 on enhancing the art program, purchasing iPads so students can make animation and other moving art projects.  $2000 is going to each orchestra and band to enhance their programs.”
White Oaks:  “Chickens’ Ball funds have supported unforgettable Artist in Residence programs at White Oaks, giving children the opportunity to engage in visual and performance arts K-4 to build creativity and confidence.  With this year’s proceeds we’re hoping to add lighting to our stage so that white Oaks can shine even brighter during performances.”  
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2014 Chickens’ Ball Skits Chosen!

Hats Off Everyone,
We’re Having a Ball!!
First, we acknowledge the passing of Brian Kottmeier.  What a guy!!  His passing is so sad for everyone, and of course, mostly Sunny and the family.  Our hearts go out to them as we all adjust to that big change in our Chickens’ Ball family.  We will miss him so much.  His family is having a celebration at Huddart Park, February 1, noon to 4:00, Zwierlein Picnic Area.  The Park has a $5.00 entry fee – carpools advised.  Bring something to share and a beverage, if you can.  If you can’t, others will have plenty to share.  It will be good to do this celebration.  We love the Kottmeiers!!
Our Kick-off party is February 15 a the Casa de Flores.  Amy Walsh is doing the planning and has lots of great ideas including a great live band.  She’ll be getting the details out to everyone very soon.  Save the date!!
So it’s January and we hit the ground running – well. we usually hit the ground running if we have a place to run to.  We have all been working our resources like crazy but still haven’t been able to secure a warehouse site for our building of sets, etc.  We had hoped, as you know, to have a place where we could build and rehearse until we go to Central School MU room in Mid-March. We haven’t found a place yet.
So, we’ve been looking for rehearsal space in the meantime and have high hopes to have a temporarily permanent space by week after next week.  However, entre’actes will be rehearsing here and there next week.  Production Chair Lyndsey Smith and/or your choreographer will be in touch with you with details.
Skits are beginning their rehearsals in the spaces and times they have set for themselves.  Can’t wait to see how it is going with them.  There are some very creative ideas out there being worked on.
Melodrama:   Rebels With a Cause, Arundel/TL/Sports, and Lions Club
Variety:  Jr. Matrons, White Oaks and Friday Night Funnies
Meanwhile, the rest of the planning and implementation for our 2014 show is underway.  You know, in December when we sit back and enjoy the holidays, January and the Ball seem so far away but then, January hits and, all of a sudden, we need to get to work!  And we are.  Of course, this space issue has dominated but we are at work on the rest of the work as well.
Check our Facebook pages for Cast and Crew news and other fun stuff.  Thanks to Danika Stanley and LesleLitton for keeping up those pages.
Our colors are purple, and teal with a touch of red.  There is a logo attached to this message.  Just know that you should get out your favorite bowler/derby hat and decorate it!!  Id have the logo on this message if I were techie enough to do it.
Show Dates:  May 2    8:00 PM
May 3    8:00 PM
May 4    2:00 PM matinee
May 9    8:00 PM
May 10  2:00 PM matinee
May 10  8:00 PM
And watch for more news on a regular basis.  Hey, We’re Having a Ball.  Hats Off!!
Connie Barton Barba
General Chair
Sue Court
Asst. General Chair
Lyndsley Smith-Held
Production Chair
Kathy Smallman
Asst. Production Chair
Sandy Rodriguez
Production Coord.
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Welcome to the 2014 Chickens’ Ball

Hi Everyone
Summer’s over and now we really get this enterprise on the road!!!  Things are happening fast now but we do want to bring you all up to date on the next few weeks.
There is one little change for Skits.  Please bring your skits to Sue Court’s house on October 11, 2013.  Address is 1224 Greenwood Ave., San Carlos.  Her phone is 207-0366.  Bring 18 copies, please. Please come between 6:00 and 8:00 PM.  Steering Committee members will pick them up from Sue, read them over the weekend and get together on Sunday evening to select skits, Oct. 13, 2013.  You will be called that evening to let you know if your skit has been accepted for this year’s show.  For further details, read your “How To Submit A Skit” information or let me know if you don’t have one and I will e-mail it to you.
That weekend is also the Chamber of Commerce Art and Fine Festival.  We will have an information booth at the corner of Laurel and Cherry (next to Peet’s).  All are welcome to come by and spend some time with us.  Come in costume if you like and help us promote the show.
Show Dates are May 2, 3, 4, 9 and 10.  There are a couple of matinees in there on the first Sunday and second Saturday.
If you haven’t gotten your music, theme, and color requests in to Dulcie as yet, time to get’er done!!  E-mail her at or call 592-1103.  She wants to hear from you.   Audition dates for Entre’Actes will be mid-November.  We are working out a couple of details but will get that announcement out  very soon.
Meanwhile, get online to the Belmont Community Players website and get out to see their show opening early in October.  It’s a great way to get in the mood for Melodrama and Olios!!  And please don’t hesitate to call {507-8757} me or Sue Court, Asst. General Chair (above) if you have any questions.  And please forward this message to anyone you know needs it.
This is a big weekend for our wonderful Lyndsey Smith, Production Chair and Beth Taylor, former Asst. Production Chair.  Wedding bells are in the air!!!  We wish them and all the very best.  Lucky guys getting these gals!!!
And so HATS OFF!!!  It’s Chickens’ Ball 2014 time.  Ragtime is in the air!!
Connie Barton Barba
General Chair
Chickens’ Ball 1014
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