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Rehearsals are Underway!!

Rehearsals are underway and we can already tell it’s going to be a really fun show! This year’s theme, San Carlos Scandals, is a play on words – Scandals was another name for Follies. And Scandals has so much more attention-grabbing-appeal than Follies :)

Our schedule for Cast & Crew is here 2016 CB Detailed Schedule and can be downloaded as a PDF. It is also listed on the Google calendar to the right hand side of our web page. It is up to date,  so no excuses for not knowing when or where you are supposed to be!!

2016 CB Detailed Schedule

If you are not Cast & Crew – you are still welcome to check out our rehearsal schedule so you can see how much work goes into this show – the entire cast is all volunteers. Yes, everyone in the show is a volunteer!!! We do this for the love of show business and community!

Sponsorships are NOW available – for those who don’t want to be on stage, you can support Chickens’ Ball through sponsorships!! You can choose your support level and pay for these through the Evenbrite ticket link.


Tickets are available at Eventbrite – get them now!!! Secure your place in the audience NOW to see an awesome, funny, and very entertaining show!!

Chickens' Ball Production Chairmen

Your Production Chairmen – Sonya Sigler & Julie Lanesey

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